Private Tuition

Personal coaching is conducted strictly by pre-arranged appointment, not only regarding the agreed date, time, and location of the planned session, but also the intended subject-matter content.

Everything is geared towards presenting the most effective use of time, effort, and available resources. To this end, consider exactly what you wish to achieve, realistically, in keeping with your personal aims and ongoing training objectives.

Email for advice and recommendations concerning the tuition you are considering – note that some subject matter might be considered ethically-unsuitable for certain individuals outside of certain occupations, and that a ‘from the ground up and from the core out’ attitude is a fundamental tenet of the C2 approach.

Assume that the best place to start is at the beginning, and this will be the general recommendation in the vast majority of cases.


Sessions are pre-paid only, using PayPal or bank transfer.

Once a booking has been accepted, and a date/time/location agreed upon, with the proposed training content established, via email, the following conditions apply:

  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure is expected, and rigorously enforced, regarding any recordings made during the session.
  • Cancellations made within 24hrs are charged at full-fee.
  • Cancellations made outside 24hrs are credited to a rescheduled booking.
  • Late arrival time is deducted from the agreed period.

An individual training record will be created and updated relevant to each session, to track subject-matter progressions, achievements and areas that require additional attention. This can be provided if requested


  • Be fully familiarised with the training venue location, and time-manage your journey accordingly.
  • Arrive early, allow extra time to physically prepare yourself.
  • Bring all relevant personal protective equipment pertinent to the intended session.
  • Bring water, food, especially for extended period sessions – there will be suitable breaks.
  • Dress appropriately, consider obtaining lightweight footwear suitable for use within matted venues.
  • Bring note-taking material – sessions can be recorded via audio/visual devices if desired, but remember that strict non-disclosure terms apply to this option.


For optimal results, two people attending is preferred. This is encouraged, though is not mandatory, in order to facilitate, support, and enhance ongoing self-training opportunities conducted at the home location.

Contact for detailed pricing structure regarding hourly and daily rates, and for block bookings.