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Essentially Core Combatives (C2) is just a simple and truthful perspective regarding real personal physical conflict, and represents a dynamic vehicle for the ‘hard’ skills required to actively counter real threats to your person – C2 presents certain solutions for certain problems, without aesthetic or sporting compromise.

As time goes on new material will be introduced to this site, ranging from technical articles to instructional video clips – with the intention of presenting the most ‘cutting edge’ views on personal combat methodology available. In-depth exploration of the essential ‘soft’ skills associated with threat management, the primary objective, will also be contained on this site – C2 ‘hard’ skill elements are merely the last resort, and this can never be overlooked.

This site is, and will continue to be, a work in progress – please be patient and visit often!

Mick Coup
Founder of C2: Core Combatives

Core Combatives


What’s New?

The C2 Foundation Instructor Programme has been carefully revised to make it more accessible, to both UK and overseas based candidates.  It is a highly detailed and progressive approach, consisting of 80 hours of direct tuition and assessment, combined with several months of individual skill development.  You do not simply ‘train to the test’ and it isn’t a case of getting candidates certified as soon as possible.  Click here for full details.

Mick has his own forum - www.coreconcepts.forumotion.co.uk – drop by to ask him a question or just to say hello!

Coming Soon

Training Calendar

28th May 2012: Houten, Holland - Threat/Contact Management Seminar

16th June 2012: London, UK - Foundation Elements Seminar

17th June 2012: London, UK - Threat/Contact Management Seminar

15th Aug 2012: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Foundation Elements Seminar

30th August-02nd September 2012: Stockholm, Sweden - Foundation Course

6th Oct 2012: Dublin, Ireland - Highline Power Development Workshop

7th Oct 2012: Dublin, Ireland - Lowline Power Development Workshop

05th-07th Nov 2012: Stockholm, Sweden - Law Enforcement (Restricted)

10th Nov 2012: Stockholm, Sweden - Foundation Elements Seminar

11th Nov 2012: Stockholm, Sweden - Contact/Threat Management Seminar

13th-16th Dec 2012: Utrecht, Holland - Foundation Course

02nd Mar 2013: Frankfurt, Germany - Foundation Elements Seminar

03rd Mar 2013: Frankfurt, Germany - Contact/Threat Management Seminar

04th-07th Apr 2013: Stockholm, Sweden - Foundation Course

02nd Mar 2013: Swansea, UK - Fundamentals Workshop

17th-20th Oct 2013: Frankfurt, Germany - Foundation Course