In keeping with the overall C2 focus on realistic innovation and a reverse-engineered but forward-thinking approach…identify problems – generate solutions – create competence…the capability to design, develop and implement bespoke training to precisely address, match, and surpass the specific requirements of an individual or group, is considered a definite speciality.

Such a training project might be an area of particular interest that falls within the broad scope of the C2 remit, or it may be to specifically prepare for a particular undertaking, tasking, or operational necessity. Within the realms of interpersonal conflict, across a broad contextual modality, for the individual or team dynamic, there is little that cannot be exclusively addressed with a fully-bespoke training product.

Note that there will be pre-assessment criteria in place, to ensure that certain suitability factors are met, and that the proposed subject-matter is role-appropriate and can be considered as being ethical-content for the intended recipients.

CONTACT with your interests for further details.

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