Core: the central, fundamental, nucleus

Combatives: the means and methods utilised in combat

Core Combatives (abbreviated to C2) training is concerned only with real-world personal conflict and is designed to provide the maximum probable results in the minimum possible time. C2 is not a short-cut…combat will always be complex in every manifestation, but it need not be made complicated beyond what is necessary, for pragmatic-only purposes.

C2 is a progressive integration of proven physical skills, tactics, and accompanying attributes, developed only for actual use within the field of interpersonal hostility. It is not merely a collection of sequence-based self-defence techniques superficially borrowed from various martial arts and combat sports.

Beyond the namesake ‘hard skill’ physical components of what is termed ‘combat management’ action that encompasses both unarmed and armed means, the scope of C2 integration extends into ‘soft skill’ areas of ‘contact management’ assessment and ‘threat management’ awareness, and additionally, for the professional, into ‘subject management’ methods of arrest. Context regarding proposed application is a vital and defining factor – so care is taken to establish, define, and maintain such context at all times.

All material, and the training that supports it, is based on fact and empiricism. C2 training does all it can to actively dispel common myths and misconceptions concerning real self-protection and related subjects. If it has not been proven to work under real conditions, consistently, subject to extreme duress where time, space and effect are severely compromised and at a pronounced deficit, it will not be presented.

Everything is functional and utilitarian, nothing is ‘ornamental’ and it is all based on objective criteria – never subjective preference. There are no ‘favoured’ techniques or tactics, beyond whatever is optimal according to situational, contextual, and circumstantial specifics at the time.

“In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice, they are not.” Albert Einstein

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