Mick Coup

Having an extensive and varied background in a multitude of fighting systems, active military service and specialist security operations, Mick Coup provides in-depth and comprehensive tuition in personal protection, safety and security based only on reality and empirical knowledge.

A reputation for telling it as it really is, not just how many want it to be – often controversial but backed by a wealth of ‘in harm’s way’ high-stakes experience, uncompromising and hard earned at the sharp edge, not just tested but proven beyond doubt.

A seasoned security professional specialising in protection, intelligence, and research/liaison-related roles, with a focus on operating within highly challenging and adverse circumstances.

Operating as either a solo advisor/asset or team leader to manage and resolve sensitive/problematic issues for domestic and international clients.

Decades of ‘hands-on’ operational experience have provided the catalyst for designing and developing a purely functional, objective-based and requirement-driven concept-method for personal combat, leading to the realisation of the widely acclaimed ‘C2: Core Combatives’ project, made public in 2005.

Always emphasising efficiency and simplicity, often adapting and integrating proven methods and tactics gained from a combination of active service and ongoing private security contracts, taking inspiration from a variety of sources, but also innovating and creating where necessary.

Training and consulting is conducted internationally, and to date Mick has taught and continues to teach clients ranging from regular and elite military/law-enforcement personnel, security professionals, to individuals from various corporate entities and members of the general public.

Mick is currently active as a consultant and operative.

“Anything may be possible, but not everything is probable. Faith means nothing, proof is all that counts.”

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