The C2 Foundation Instructor Programme has been carefully designed to prepare individuals and provide them with the necessary initial subject-matter understanding, skills and abilities to be capable of training others. To facilitate this, and with results in mind, the focus is firmly set upon exploring and confirming essential subjects in genuine detail and depth.

In keeping with the C2 concept-model, the programme is purely a starting point and as such covers only the initial ‘hard skill’ foundation elements of combat management, no other subjects are addressed. Every facet of instruction and tuition is dedicated exclusively to this selected material, permitting each individual to achieve authentic and tangible competence, and the ability to fully understand what they will in turn be expected to teach others within this selective context.

The programme is a multi-phase progressive course of direct tuition, individual development and critical assessment, covering a highly specific range of technical, tactical, theoretical and instructional subject-matter.

The basic programme schedule is as follows:

  • Foundation Course
  • Personal Development
  • Foundation Assessment
  • Instructor Training
  • Instructor Assessment

Overall the Foundation Instructor Programme consists of 10 full days, containing approximately 80 hours of direct instruction and assessment in addition to several months of personal development, with a maximum of only 6 persons present on any training session, and only 2 persons at any assessment, to ensure that quality of the tuition and examination is upheld as the absolute priority.


Successful certification qualifies an individual as a ‘Foundation Instructor’ and authorisation to conduct foundation-level training events up to and including seminars, including running C2 training groups and conducting private tuition – fully endorsed and supported, yet effectively autonomous in execution so long as certain standards are maintained.


The programme is open to male and female English-speaking adults who are over the age of 18. No specific experience or prior training is essential; although it can certainly produce accelerated results.

Everyone starts at this same foundation level without exception – this is the material that the Foundation Instructor certification covers.

Each participant must be prepared to fully commit and contribute, demonstrating an acute willingness to learn, together with a distinct capability to be responsible for their own personal progress over and above mere participation. Individuals will be expected to actively investigate, explore and absorb a great deal of practical and theoretical material with a critically objective approach. Creative original opinions are a mandatory requirement throughout the entire programme and beyond!

In terms of physical ability, the more strength, stamina and suppleness each candidate possesses the better their performance should be, but so long as a person is able-bodied, not subject to any serious disability that would prevent or prohibit normal body movement, they will be suitable to participate. All physical work is progressive, not excessive, and initially well within the grasp of most – the programme emphasises learning over training in its early stages, increasing in terms of physical demands as it unfolds.

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