This four-day course comprises a minimum of 32 hours of intensive and immersive training, presenting and confirming the essential fundamental skills, drills, tactics and testing utilised within the base C2 concept-model of last-resort unarmed close combat.

The Foundation Course is dedicated to the development of simple, efficient and instinctive methods of applying dynamic physical force that will dramatically increase an individual’s ability to survive personal attack.

Course content focuses upon the last resort personal ‘kinetic’ skills that comprise effective combat management, and emphasis will be placed heavily on the development and utilisation of unarmed impactive tools to neutralise a confirmed, active-combative physical threat.

Specific Foundation Course content includes:

  • Attitude & Mindset
  • Combative Strategy
  • Offensive & Counter-Offensive Tactics
  • Primary Striking Tools
  • Secondary Striking Tools
  • Support Skills

The Foundation Course is a remarkable stand-alone training package, producing a sound, highly functional, personal base and solid fundamental skillset for further personal development and ongoing training.

Additionally, for those interested, it constitutes the initial phase of the C2 Foundation Instructor Programme.

There is a strict maximum of ten candidates per course, to ensure optimal learning and the most productive training and coaching experience possible.

In keeping with the C2 concept model, the Foundation Course is a starting point and as such covers only the initial ‘hard skill’ fundamental and essential elements of the ‘in-fight’ situational context – concentrating the training effort on such critical core material permits each individual to achieve actual tangible proficiency and the ability to fully understand such cardinal material – an essential state for high-stress applications.

Developing provable functional capabilities that are achievable under real-world conditions is the priority of all C2 coursework, and technical proficiency at the physical component level is heavily stressed within the C2 approach – for good reason, since ultimately the skillset hardware has to match the mindset software.

The C2 concept demands that every element should be developed to an optimal level – the overall C2 approach is thoroughly ‘performance-based’ and to this end closely follows progressive ‘best practice’ coaching methodology found within high-level sports and similar disciplines – utilising a multitude of innovative and proprietary drills and practices specifically developed to accelerate reaching ‘unconscious competence’ regarding the base skillsets – the perfect ‘foundation’ to build upon.

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” Mae West

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