Private Tuition and Personal Training

Coaching is routinely conducted at one of several UK-based venues and is popular for those wishing to both ‘top up’ their personal skills on a regular basis and to progress further, with clients travelling from all across the UK, and international locations, ranging in duration from a single hour to several days of detailed and comprehensive individual tuition and training.

Face to face coaching is THE preferred C2 presentation method, and is a genuine speciality of note, aimed at individuals and pairs, with the facility to accommodate extremely small groups by special arrangement.

No other training or instructional format will produce the same results, the immediate tangible improvement in performance, and achieve the level of dramatic progress afforded by dedicated and detailed individual coaching that employs innovative, inventive and cutting-edge methods, facilitated by profound specialist experience and an authentic, in-depth, subject-knowledge.

These sessions serve not only to introduce new material to the novice and experienced alike, but present the opportunity…and marked ability…to assess, diagnose and correct sub-optimal existing skills. Techniques and tactical applications can be sharpened, physical and mental attributes developed, and overall personal performance enhanced.

There is a significant difference between teaching and training, and to maximise the time and financial resources available, the former is generally prioritised over the latter. Concentrating on making the individual ‘practice-proficient’ is a primary focus, with the aim being to install sufficient information and an accompanying-level skillset that can be then worked, trained, in the interim period between coaching sessions.

This ‘teaching-first’ approach also simply makes more sense. It is markedly more effective and produces better long-term sustainable results, plus it enables longer-duration ‘single-session’ coaching periods to be a viable and feasible option – an important consideration for individuals who have to travel long-distances, often internationally, for whom a more regular commute would be unworkable.

Full-intensity shorter-session training is certainly available for those who require concentrated attention that targets and addresses a more specific subject-matter…typically a certain attribute or particular technical component…or else provide a more regular private coaching regimen that otherwise suits individual circumstances and preferences.

Either format affords, without doubt, the optimal means to achieve real results.

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