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Technical proficiency at the physical component level is heavily stressed within the C2 approach – for good reason, since even with the best will in the world, a blunt knife still doesn’t cut so well…ultimately the skillset hardware has to match the mindset software.

Any attitude of ‘that will do’ with regards to tangible hardskill ability is left for the amateur to be satisfied with. The C2 approach demands that every tactical element should be developed to an optimal level – actual technical ability is extremely important, and not the afterthought so often presented by some.

To this end, in keeping with progressive ‘best practice’ coaching methodology found within high-level sports and similar disciplines, the ability to submit video footage for in-depth technical analysis and detailed critical, constructive, visual feedback and practical guidance is provided to individuals meeting certain criteria, to amplify their existing personal training, and address problem issues.

Note that this is not ‘online tuition’ as such, and is most certainly not intended as a substitute for actual in-person coaching…nothing will match private tuition…but it is an extremely powerful tool to enable significant personal improvement by remote means, which is of particular benefit for those unable to attend regular training due to distance, or is a serious learning-enhancement to be utilised in addition to actual direct tuition.

Submitted video footage, provided it is of the correct quality, format, duration, and composition, will be carefully examined and evaluated thoroughly. A detailed analysis and diagnosis will be provided via audio voiceover and on-screen visual annotation, with appropriate coaching points included throughout, along with ideas and recommendations for improvement, prior to the submitted footage being returned for your consideration and action.

Video analysis is provided as a fine-tuning means for existing skillsets only, and suitability is determined on an individual case-merit basis – contact for eligibility.

Strict confidentiality and non-disclosure conditions apply, and will be rigorously enforced, no annotated footage will be shared via any means, with any external party.

Analysis will be limited to one component element per submission – contact to determine what this constitutes relevant to your intended application.

Guidelines detailing the composition of submissions regarding camera angles, positional aspect, number of repetitions, etc, will be provided relevant to the intended application.

All payments for video analysis are in-advance via PayPal.


Footage should be filmed in 720p resolution or more – most modern camera phones can deliver this specification easily.

Lighting is extremely important, and clothing should provide contrast to highlight limb position, etc, with a plain contrasting back drop being preferable.

The entire body, from foot to head, should be ‘in-shot’ ensuring that there is enough visible floor to accommodate any footwork, and the camera should remain fixed in place.

Files should be emailed in .mp4 format and be no longer than 5 minutes in duration. Be assured that for the purposes of analysis, this is a LOT of time that does not have to be filled.

Label each file with NAME-DATE-TECHNIQUE and trim superfluous before/after footage prior to submission.

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