Considerable attention is devoted to providing highly detailed advice and information relating to the development of effective and efficient strategies, tactics, techniques and the training to support every facet of the overall effort.

Hard work alone is not sufficient…there must be clear direction. Very often the route in-progress deviates from what could…should…be considered ‘best-practice’ and it takes a suitable external source, with the appropriate experience, intuition, and insight, to present this perspective, and design more effective and efficient alternatives.

The C2 focus upon paradigm innovation, contextual objectivity, and results-driven performance, can prove refreshing and provide a stimulating, decisive model to efficiently underpin and manage ongoing training efforts.

Even a single consultation can be extremely beneficial for individuals and groups wishing for external input and unbiased guidance, regardless of experience, abilities and levels of competency. The continuing, long term, provision of such directly applicable and carefully measured guidance, distilled from decades of experience, can be an invaluable ‘game-changing’ enhancement indeed.

Private Consultation

Personal, effective, specifically tailored advice and discrete mentoring support. All existing training elements can be examined and shaped for optimal performance and maximised progress, to match exact individual aims, current abilities and workable schedules.

These consultations help individuals get the most from their present work, make better informed choices, and can motivate or offer a platform to discuss how to tackle individual problem issues. Combining consultation with private tuition, and/or accompanied by video analysis, creates a truly potent learning environment for the individual who is serious about making real progress.

All personal consults are pre-arranged regarding proposed structure and intended content, ensuring an objectively focused interaction. Typically conducted via Skype, Zoom, or Teams for convenience and access worldwide.

  • Contact via email for initial consideration
  • Book the session via PayPal
  • Arrange time and date, and submit the intended subject matter, questions, etc, via email in advance
  • Ensure a good internet connection
  • Log in early and test your service
  • Make sure you have no external distractions, and have note taking material to hand
  • Video calls are not always strictly necessary, and often better quality is assured using audio only
  • Recorded calls are subject to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure conditions that will be rigorously enforced

Professional Consultation

Design and development of tactical and training platforms, to fully optimise effectiveness throughout the potential use-of-force continuum. The identification, evaluation and recommendation of specific ‘best practice’ that is cognisant with existing group structures, programs, and policies wherever possible, but from a fresh viewpoint that can efficiently target and circumvent misused efforts and restrictive doctrines.

Specialist Consulting

Provision of informed advice and assistance regarding specific personal safety and security issues of concern for individuals and groups, and for those clients requiring tactical input and the active planning, preparation and execution of operational projects.

All private, professional, and specialist consultations are subject to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure conditions.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

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