30th Jun – 01st Jul 2018….Knife Management 1+2….Dublin, Ireland

16th Aug – 19th Aug 2018….Foundation Course….Norwich, UK

22nd Sept – 23rd Sept 2018….Threat, Contact, and Combat Management….Stockholm, Sweden

07th Oct 2018….Foundation Elements Seminar….Cardiff, UK

03rd Nov – 04th Nov 2018….Knife Management 1+2….Birmingham, UK

22nd Nov – 25th Nov 2018….Foundation Course….Crawley, UK

(Restricted) refers to a closed event –¬† private groups, military/law-enforcement units, corporate entities, etc. There may be a very limited opportunity to accommodate additional persons who meet certain criteria, but this will be entirely at the discretion of the host – email your interest, but note that no details will be divulged unless the host permits…including their identity. Alternatively, it might be possible to capitalise upon the circumstances and book a separate event, or tuition, in the general location indicated. ¬†This is the reason such events are listed at all. Be aware that at all times, existing confidentiality, integrity, and discretion will take priority over any request.