To provide the necessary basic C2 combat management material, creating a sound and solid underpinning skill-base, utilising an intense period of instruction and training.


Phases 1-4 of the instructor programme, consisting of 11 subject modules, will be covered. Each module is highly specific in its theme content; all contain comprehensive material relating to the selected topic. The aim of these Foundation Modules is to explore and confirm essential subject matter in real detail and depth.

Subject Modules:

Phase One – Primary Technical Modules

  • 1.1 Primary Impact Tools – Highline Strikes
  • 1.2 Primary Impact Tools – Offline Strikes
  • 1.3 Primary Impact Tools – Lowline Strikes

Phase Two – Primary Tactical Modules 

  • 2.1 Primary Offensive Tactics
  • 2.2 Primary Counter-Offensive Tactics 
  • 2.3 Positional Tactics 

Phase Three – Secondary Technical Modules

  • 3.1 Secondary Impact Tools – Hook & Stamp Strikes
  • 3.2 Secondary Impact Tools – Headbutt & Gouge 

Phase Four – Secondary Tactical Modules 

  • 4.1 Secondary Offensive Tactics
  • 4.2 Secondary Counter-Offensive Tactics 
  • 4.3 Situational Tactics


Four full training days consisting of 8 hours of direct instruction per day.


Each Foundation Course is limited to a minimum of six and a maximum of ten persons.