Standard Training

The listed seminars and workshops below represent a comprehensive portfolio of standard training packages available, which cover fundamental and specialised subject-matter essentials.

Although referred to as ‘standard’ each course template is formatted to be easily modified and adapted to more specific requirements, within certain limitations – beyond which fully-bespoke custom courses are available.

All standard courses are highly modular in format to facilitate a flexible approach that can be effectively integrated as needed, and all present common-concept methodology, creating an extremely systematic and cohesive approach regardless of context xor concept-base.

Not all standard courses are standalone offerings – the concept of progressive, incremental…but genuine…development is heavily stressed, so certain courses require pre-study content to provide necessary base skillsets and foundation knowledge, as detailed in the course descriptions.

1. Combat Management (Foundation Elements)
2. Contact Management
3. Threat Management
4. Continuation Skills & Drills*
5. Situational & Positional Adaptations*
6. Scenario Training & Testing*^
7. Knife Management #1 (Active Threat)*^
8. Knife Management #2 (Passive Threat)*^
9. Combative Conditioning Concepts^

10. Weapon Adaptations #1 (Blunt Force)*^
11. Weapon Adaptations #2 (Sharp Force)*^
12. Subject Management #1 (Proven-Force)^
13. Subject Management #2 (Potential-Force)^
14. Power Generation #1 (Highline Options)^
15. Power Generation #2 (Lowline Options)^
16. Training Design & Instructional Skills
17. Personal Safety & Security #1 (General Focus)
18. Personal Safety & Security #2 (Female Focus)

*Pre-study mandatory
^Specialist equipment required.