Core Combatives (C2) presents a comprehensive concept/method/system as a vehicle to provide a solution-centric approach that delivers genuinely innovative, completely adaptable, and highly effective results within the continuum of personal violent conflict and the human combat environment.

Versatile and progressive…cycling the essential elements of awareness, assessment and action in order to facilitate the pragmatic management of possible and proven personal threat, potential hostile contact, and interpersonal combat engagements.

For the concerned citizen: Multi-discipline functionality, prioritising a strict and purely utilitarian ‘context specific’ focus…stressing human ergonomics, fundamental elegance, and direct efficiency within objective and circumstantial necessities.

For the active professional: Cross-platform commonality and seamless transitions from technique, to tool, to tactic, to team…optimised to fully integrate with existing operational procedures for the individual operator and small-unit role.

Defined, refined, evolved…by actual experience, known probabilities, and proven dynamics…built upon a solid foundation:  the essential need to operate with default reliability and tangible options under sudden intense stress, a marked force disparity, and presumed situational deficit.

Real world        |        Real time        |        Real problems        |        Real perspective        |        Real solutions

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